The Book of Martha

Superintelligence Trailer 2020

Hilariously while I was reading this story, I couldn’t stop thinking about both The Good Place and a new show called Superintelligence. I think this speaks to how forward-thinking Bulter was for her time. Instead of buying into the omnipotent superior being trope, she instead questions it and tries to add her own ideas. These shows do the same. The Good Place does this through the use of philosophy questioning the total summation of the goodness of humanity, whereas Superintelligence focuses on one woman who is extremely good as a shining example of humankind.

In Superintelligence, Melissa Mcarthy is a woman who has left her job to focus on doing good in the world rather than climbing the corporate ladder. Her focus here makes it so that she also pushes away her boyfriend. However, when a superintelligence sent to judge humanity comes along and takes an interest in her, she has to prove to it that humans are good and don’t deserve to be obliterated from the universe. She comes up with ideas to help the world, which the superintelligence sometimes supports and other times does not. It is an interesting parallel between these two stories.

It is also interesting that the main character in both are women. They dawn the classic maternal role of wanting to take care of those around them and give them an easier life. In both cases, it is the “omnipotent” being that brings in the checks and balances.


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